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College Memoirs
between statistics and psychology papers
I neglected
my inhibitions
long enough that
the enamel
protecting my purpose
has worn away
revealing the cavities
of who I am
and who I wanted to become.
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 1 2
The Cold acupuncture of the rain weathered my scalp.
The wrinkles of Apple Lane gave my mind refuge as I strolled past.
Bill's house,
Tim's house,
Mark's house
My Only companion now was the potholed road
with her Juicy Fruit freckles.
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 0 0
6ft Flaming Snowcone
I mold your three piece physique with icy focus.
Two twigs,
one carrot,
and three pieces of charcoal later
I return your smile.
Standing erect you rest my old weathered shovel against your abdomen.
the fire-engine red plastic container
proves difficult
your 2ft deep blanket resists me.
I carefully gloss you
with the whole 5 gallons;
my anxious grin hides the indigo beneath my eyelids.
for a brief moment
just in case you wish for any last words,
just in case you wish to come alive,
just in case you wanted to dance and sing.
as the match ignites your body
and welcome
the heat
it reunites me
with thoughts of barbecues, and pool parties.
After 5 minutes
you are
the grass is now breathing free
of you
and my only regret
I didn't think ahead far enough
to have brought marshmallows.
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 0 0
Stormy Tears
As clouds moan and blink with discharge
Her fears recline on her fallen tears
gull flex in defense on a barge as her ducts attempt to recharge
fatigued heart no longer large drifts lifeless from the pier
mind foggy, body limp, soul now undefined
she weeps with overhead storms, life no longer clear.
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 3 4
me2 by loudwisdom me2 :iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 0 7
Melted Stars
Melted Stars
Shaved memories tailored to biased remark
A grown man weeps in an endless park
His tower collapses as his fear creeps
Broken history reaps
Misbehaved when ethics were weak
Fallen oaks and melted stars leak
Collecting within the memories of young
The youth becoming the old's new lung
Storing and repeating for a century more
Crossing over seas onto distant shore
Passed along an image is kept
Of a young man now past, of how he leapt
Leapt for equality, security and for a future's seed
Now grown into a powerful Oak which will lead
The next generation of old men as they weep
The glorification of their names will reap
The endless bias of each new remark
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 2 2
A dream
A Dream
When cooties were everywhere
That’s the last dream I had
All the blooming ones were trampled by other’s logic
Peroxide on all hope
Thinking it was liberty to not be attached to a desire
Turning each day into a gargoyle
Then I met you
Words appeared; each letter entered,
a flamingo smile on my face
Our games of truth or dare went into extra innings
Letting my shadows and past actions crash to the floor
Returning each piece of information back to me with untold love
Dancing around a camp fire with you is so much fun at night
The glow of the internet monitor pales in comparison
To our glowing faces and warming hearts
You make me want to shout my feelings to the world
I prefer the snuggling we share in our mind’s eyes
Cooties have long been eradicated but something has returned
A dream
Lost in acres, not another soul besides us
As you skip stones I sketch your beauty
The water becomes jealous of your eyes
So full of beauty and brilliance
As I kneel against this w
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 6 53
Playground Maybes
Playground Maybes
Yellow plastic and rusty chains
Gives birth to a new dynamic
Fostered by awkward and blushing faces
Games of truth or dare, dancing around the big issues
Wanting so badly to build us a hideaway
Sanding the step ladder to our tree top escape
Never wanting to fly away like our beaked neighbors
Swinging slowly, our arms holding each other’s chains
Swaying in the pool of dreams we are creating
Our words moving as a Frisbee, as time slows like syrup
We sit and plan; on our garbage cans
Desiring so badly to snuggle against the pine needles
To build our tree abode
This proves difficult though
For these blueprints are in my mind
This rainforest keeps getting cut down
And all I have to offer is myself
And my pockets full of shadows
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 12 47
Let me be your guide off the treacherous seas
You shouldn’t hide; I’m not a simple tease
Won’t point you into sharpened shoals
You and me I need no other goals
Follow my light please and I will keep you whole
Not a murderer of emotion
Never been a mirage in the distance
Let my cathode rays illuminate your hearts vessel
Let me take you home, snuggle amongst the trees
I was once frozen, but your laugh made me static
Towering and pumping me full of this warm light
Now it’s time, for it to all go back to you
I won’t wander away in searched frenzy
Let me be your beacon of hope
I’m stable, rowing with all possible might
Let us elope as I radiate towards you
MY purpose is to aid
Return back home to the killer illusions and easy listening
Don’t dismiss me; paying your taxes is so distant
Climb my sinister winding stairs
Join me at the top as we together watch
Fury and hope in the distance
A beacon of the ideal, of safety, of protection
Prove to me
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 8 62
Rant 2
Rant 2
Is this all there is to it?
A compilation of losses and victories?
Where young people’s dreams are cleaned and cut, never to order
Are we all mildew just waiting to be wiped away?
Is the god of life and loss the same?
Are we all just born a bunch of orange peels?
As significant as an already read fortune cookie
When will we be done?
Popping the bubble wrap that is earth
I never want kids, never want any record
To remember me when I’m gone
Life is becoming more and more like recycled toilet paper
Thank god each blade of grass hasn’t a voice
The agony of when we mow our pristine lawns
Saosin had it right when they asked “what is my body worth?”
Give me a wish I dare ya!
I wish to become a grain of sand!
I want the world to stop lying
Turn the blasted ice-cream truck siren off!
This world is not what it once was!
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 2 44
First Haiku
Tidal wave crashes
Starfish screams inaudibly
Assaulting beach with death
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 2 52
Painting wood
Painting wood
Nestled for years my soul was embedded as a tree
My youthful parents frolicking in the forest of lives
Auburn hair and wide smile my mother laid her love into my bark
My father loving her so gave it to her, with his axe of trust
As the metal edge sliced into my ancient shell I escaped
Finding refuge in this woman’s warmth
Nine months later my soul was given its armor
Years passed and I was battered by illusions of truth
Parents tried so many times to get me involved with their ambitions
Tried repetitively to carve the log I had become
On the thirteenth year of my soul’s transit they gave up
Instead replaced their axes, and saws with paint
For them there were so many shades and hues
Infinite and beyond
After the twentieth coat I lost track of the names of colors
Now I sit here content as my parents frown
For when you mix together all the colors you get brown
Brown as my past, as my soul
I may be reduced but never will I decay
Cedar trees are not victims of termit
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 4 21
It must be fly to live as a dove
Passing ignorance by, without thought of love
Gliding softly from one yard to the next
Oblivious to the difference between the two
Mortal as every creature that breathes our collective oxygen
Free from attachments and of the materialistic toxins
Much rather fleeing, rarely using its beak
Never desiring a feature, never in seek
All instinct, never over thinking
Greets life in every heart beat, always winking
Ready to seduce the world, intellect rather slender
Never in reduce to another, treats everything as tender
It must be fly to be a dove
To fully appreciate the world, unaware of love
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 2 33
Melodic Denial
Melodic Denial
Mind racing, spirit lays dead creating mud with its drool
He was your whole world, too bad he was a hollow globe
Turn the knob and close the door till the click rings clear
Shoes seem to untie themselves as you find yourself huddled over the stereo
With the first wave comes the barrier
A melodic quarantine, where nothing will come in or out of its entirety
The bass boost strengthens this musical turtle shell
Every note was built just for this moment
Let the vibrations jet away your pain, leaving only numbness
Trying to go back in time to the fifties where everything was just
Desiring to conform to the rhythms
Try all you might this feeling will not erase
The truth is not the ideal black and white
Let the equalizer propel you into the illusions
Where people are souvenirs, to be always kept and displayed
Dilute the pain, submit to the musical vortex
Let every minute count while letting it flow into the next
Hopefully it will end when the last note rests
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 2 43
Respawning, respawning, respawn
Tumblin faster towards my life’s backdoor
Take me away
Parachute me up and out
Shoot me into the void, just to let me return again
Respawn, respawning, respawning now
Tumblin feet first the abyss all around
Infinite peace in nothingness, silence as fragile as glass
Don’t raise the alarm let me respawn away
Parachute me upward and out
Respawn up and out
Plop me in a spot away from the misery of all this
Kickin my ass into the third and fifth dimensions
Screw fourth; it’s no longer vacant
Let me melt away like last year’s snowmen
Respawning, respawning, let’s all respawn away
Take a second shot with your grenade eyes
Finish the job today!
No one is the only one
So let me respawn away, upward and out
Let me respawn away today
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 1 29
He inhibits the very keys I bounce
Playing like a pianist on their marble teeth
Echoes of reflected inhibitions reverberate
Filling the empty room with sounds of emotions at work
He’s the mayor to my inner town hall
The master key sits patiently on his pressboard desk
He left me once again
Leaving me here, like a blind Seeing Eye dog
Perhaps his vacation will recharge his batteries
Trying to play an emotional symphony, solo
I’ll check the mail every day for a postcard
Till the day comes I see you lower from the heavens
Emerging from the horizon line
Plop yourself beside me against our morning tree
Discussing your adventures without me as we sip the espresso away
:iconloudwisdom:loudwisdom 4 25

Random Favourites

My Secret Hideaway
My secret hideaway,
My brain.
I can do what I like here,
Say what I like,
To whomever I choose.
Outside of my head,
A cool breeze tickles my pores,
Sending goose bumps
To the rest of my naked body.
Watching my stomach lift and drop
In the cool water around me.
Apathetic am I in this situation,
Finding denouements unknown,
I should leave it to science.
They know better.
And then I dance,
Like never before,
Gracefully, with you.
As you are always in my heart,
And always in my mind,
You are with me in my secret hideaway.
:iconwhydoidothiseveryday:whydoidothiseveryday 5 2
There once was a boy.  He was not an ordinary boy, made only of flesh and bone and blood.  His skin was a tattoo of puzzle pieces, of mystery and smoothed edges, perfectly fit together, yet so easily taken apart.  He was young, but the jigsaw that was his body reflected the darkness of tragedy and death, each piece a black hole of grief, pulling any scrap of love and hope within and crushing it into oblivion.  
The boy sat by the river, the river that flowed with dark promises and insidious intent, the river whose shadowy depths held the secrets of gods of time, and wound around and through the city.  His eyes were bloodshot red, as he wept tears of fire, each one leaving a scorch mark down his jigsaw skin, and intensifying his anguish.  
No one knew he wept, or if they did, their disconnected nonchalance kept them at bay.  They had seen this boy around the city, in the corners filled with yellow smog and broken glas
:iconriencuran:Riencuran 9 37
Colorful VS Noncolorful by Kyaku22 Colorful VS Noncolorful :iconkyaku22:Kyaku22 8 16 Reach Out by Faid-Unknown Reach Out :iconfaid-unknown:Faid-Unknown 1 7 sunset by Kyaku22 sunset :iconkyaku22:Kyaku22 9 16 Pink IS My Love II by Faid-Unknown Pink IS My Love II :iconfaid-unknown:Faid-Unknown 0 13
You Can Choose
Blood, running hot through my veins,
As a volcano, full with lava.
No reason to commemorate,
Without a palaver.
It’s not a contest,
But I want to win.
The feeling of victory,
It’s not a sin.
When finding new hobbies,
Inability to be risible.
So just leave me be,
Pretend I am not visible.
I could be putative to some,
Unacceptable to others.
If you catch me at this time,
We won’t be lovers.
:iconwhydoidothiseveryday:whydoidothiseveryday 0 11
Pink IS My Love by Faid-Unknown Pink IS My Love :iconfaid-unknown:Faid-Unknown 2 10
Societal Repression
Tears build up in my eyes,
I must not cry,
That would be juvenile.
Silly really, I started it,
Whatever I start,
It gets overridden.
I don’t know why I bother,
Bitter disappointment,
Within oneself.
Creating externalities for others.
I wouldn’t want that.
Being monopolised by everyone.
That no-one but I can see.
Societal repression,
It’s nobody’s fault but my own.
:iconwhydoidothiseveryday:whydoidothiseveryday 3 6
Berry Head Cliff side by Rcart Berry Head Cliff side :iconrcart:Rcart 1 2
The moment I made you cry
made my life go down
some stupid argument
made our love dissapear.
Now I only hear the bells of School,
thinking, dreaming, crying,
I still see you, but not with the same eyes,
not with the same smile.
The papers remind me of the love letters I gave to you in math
The pencil reminds me the heart drawings I made to you,
now my dreams of you have become nightmares,
watching you cry blood tears, makes me wake up at night.
I decided not to talk
because now my words are meaningless
my smile has gone away,
and my heart has gone to hell.
:icontpn3:tpn3 5 5
The Sunset by Crydawner The Sunset :iconcrydawner:Crydawner 3 1



Kevin Regan
United States
Current Residence: LI NY
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Favourite cartoon character: Road Runner, among others
Personal Quote: "Keep a green tree in your heart and a singing bird will come"
Hello everyone, although i announced a month or two ago of my return i will now officially begin to submit new material, i have been taking many poetry classes so hopefully i have learned from my past errors and you will find my work of better quality. I hope all of you are doing well and thank you for your return wishes.
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I am so glad you are back. You were missed. And I look forward to reading more of your work. Take care! The best of everything for the new year!
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